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  • 22 Feb 2024

What Unfolds in a Software Developer’s Day of Innovation?

What Unfolds in a Software Developer’s Day of Innovation?

Developers’ spotlight: “A joke is exactly what you need to detach from the stressful situation you're in.”

When you start a discussion with a developer about their role in a software company and how the team works, be prepared for a few surprises – maybe even some dark-humour jokes.


Before we dive into a dev’s day-to-day, let’s agree on some basics most of us already know about their skill set:


  • Problem-solving: It’s not just about building stuff; it’s more like solving a mental puzzle to create web apps from scratch or make existing ones simpler.


  • Continuous improvement: Definitely! Technical developers are always sticking around to get the lowdown on code, processes, and all things tech.


  • Continuous learning: Unbeatable results come from staying curious, learning constantly, adapting, and smoothly handling their software development responsibilities. 

Talking about this, let’s see the most in demand latest software development skills in 2024:

It seems like everyone out there is looking for a jack-of-all-trades in tech – someone who’s got both front-end and back-end chops. You don’t have to be an expert in every little thing in both areas, but it’s good to have a decent grasp while focusing on:


  • Cloud mastery – Whether it’s AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud, navigating these platforms is a game-changer.


  • AI & cybersecurity are big priorities for keeping your digital assets safe – and they’re hot commodities in the world of software development this year.


  • DevOps is still something worth investing in, along with mobile app development – having iOS and Android skills is like having gold in your pocket. And don’t forget to throw blockchain into the mix.


  • UI/UX design for that user-friendly touch. Don’t forget the language and framework fluency – Python, JavaScript, Java, React, Angular, or Django – it’s your tech vocabulary. 


In 2024, it’s not just about code – it’s about being a versatile tech maestro.


Now that we’ve got the lowdown on the future of software development skills, let’s introduce you to Beecoded’s team of development experts. Meet Claudiu, our senior back-end developer, who’s been with us for a good couple of years now. He’s a fan of remote work and often jokes that his meeting backgrounds are like a travelogue because he loves working from different places. Let’s find out what makes his work tick.


  • How did you turn out to be a software developer? 


Claudiu:Ten years ago, this happened: I became a software developer. However, I had the desire from a young age because everything related to technology was in trend. It was a word that caught my attention. Everyone was excited about computers. Initially, I wanted to be a computer operator without knowing what it involved at that time.

Along the way, of course, I found out! The idea stuck in my mind. Interestingly, I pursued a humanities profile in high school, but I chose computer science in college. That’s how I ended up in the current field. Curiosity was a key factor!


  • How does an ordinary day look like for you? 


Claudiu: I am quite a morning person. I wake up at 6:30, and until 8, I go through my daily routine. I usually start each day by reading a few articles of interest to me on certain apps I use.

For example, I go on Medium and find articles in my field of work. I also use Twitter. I advise everyone to control the algorithm on this app to only add things of interest. I can also recommend an account with useful tech content: FunFunFunction on YouTube.

After going through these articles, my workday at the company begins. We have a code review session where I check if there’s anything to review from my colleagues.

They work on a project, and then we all share our opinions on what they’ve done. Somehow we stay in sync with everything happening, but we are also proactive to prevent problems, errors. Next is a special daily, which I think only happens at BeeCoded.

First, we join a call for a few minutes, and then each person talks about their previous day. Not work-related, but more personal things like if you discovered a new restaurant or had something interesting to eat. What I like the most is the human aspect of the team.

We’re not just serious and rigid tech guys. There’s interaction, fun, friendship. I feel very comfortable with them, especially with the managers who empathize a lot with each of us. Plus, the remote aspect is very interesting.

BeeCoded has always worked remotely, and I noticed the difference because here I realized that the team knows how to handle such “work from home” activities. And it has helped me personally since I travel a lot!


  • What do you find challenging about being a developer?


Claudiu: It’s always about solving problems. You must always be ready to solve them. And you never know what the next one will be. You always have to learn from each one. Be prepared and comfortable with the unexpected.


  • But rewarding and enjoyable?


Claudiu: It will be a joy to solve each problem. I can also mention that it’s interesting to guide your colleagues, to help them solve certain problems. I enjoy mentoring; it brings me great joy!


  • What’s your favorite meme of all time? 



Claudiu’s setup:


  • What do you think about humor? 


Claudiu: I have a very positive opinion (laughs). I consider myself a humorous person because I can appreciate a joke. It’s great that in certain tough moments, a joke is exactly what you need to detach from the stressful situation you’re in.


  • Tell us you’re a developer without telling us you’re a developer 


Claudiu: The first instinct when I open the computer is to launch a “little terminal” there.


  • Why do programmers prefer dark mode? Is it because light attracts bugs?


Claudiu: Programmers prefer the dark mode because it’s cooler; if someone passes by your monitor and sees everything in black, it looks like something super complicated :D. Besides dark mode, I also recommend a few icons alongside.


  • How do you stay updated on industry trends and emerging technologies for professional development?


Claudiu: I prefer a platform like Medium, where I get my daily dose of articles. I also use Twitter, or lately, X, as it’s called now.

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