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That’s what sets us apart as better software creators

Our core essence

Established in 2015, Beecoded is not just a software development company; it’s a gateway to the digital future. With over 50 satisfied customers and 80 visionary brands, we’re rewriting the rules of digital engagement on a global scale

Masters of digital evolution

Our journey isn’t solely measured in projects delivered; it’s marked by the pursuit of excellence. With 17 national and international awards in our arsenal, we seek to enrich the digital landscape.

​​Engineering the future

Our team of over 30 professionals is not here to follow trends; they’re here to set them. From cutting-edge Research and Development to the seamless integration of Web & Mobile Development, captivating UI/UX design, rigorous Quality Assurance, and wisdom in Project Management – we engineer solutions that defy convention.

Leadership beyond boundaries

Our senior team, boasting over 50 years of collective experience, doesn’t just manage projects; they lead a revolution. At Beecoded, vision isn’t a concept; it’s a directive to push boundaries.

How we work

Take a closer look at our software creation process operational system. That’s a practical blend of creativity and precision that defines Beecoded’s approach to software development



Leveraging our extensive experience in software development projects, we skillfully navigate the mapping phase to capture user, business, and application requirements. This meticulous process results in the creation of accurate user stories and scopes of work, directly informing our detailed quote breakdowns, realistic timelines, and intricate design elements.

Embarking on our mapping process, we delve into your software development goals, vision, and existing landscape. From there, we pinpoint specific user and business needs, enabling us to intricately map out the entire software development project.



Working within an agile framework, we proceed from our Mapping phase to collaborate with you as the Product Owner in crafting a Sprint plan. This involves an initial examination of the product backlog, followed by the identification of goals for the upcoming sprint.

This information feeds into our daily scrum sessions and focused development efforts, complemented by daily Q&A sessions to swiftly address any emerging issues.

At the conclusion of each sprint, we conduct a comprehensive review with you, paving the way for informed decisions on how updates will undergo testing and deployment.



In software development, the release process is a pivotal aspect, and for us, it’s far from an afterthought. Our meticulous release protocols encompass a thorough testing phase, ensuring the quality of all functionalities. This includes tests for accessibility, speed, version control issues, and adherence to security requirements.

The requirements for releases can vary significantly from one project to another, spanning from submitting new application versions for App store reviews to compatibility testing with internal systems. Our extensive project experience enables us to provide tailored support for your unique situation, facilitating smooth soft and hard launches that mitigate potential issues and risks.

Our dedicated maintenance, security, and DevOps teams possess the expertise to configure servers appropriately, manage data effectively, and establish penetration testing schedules. This comprehensive approach ensures that all your needs are meticulously planned and met, meeting the standards necessary for various accreditations and audit checks.



In the realm of software development, we stand alongside CTOs and Product Owners, assisting in the ongoing iteration and refinement of products to unlock their fullest potential throughout their life cycle. We excel in identifying opportune moments for significant upgrades.

Whether you’ve collaborated with us in building an application or are seeking to modernise an existing product, we offer comprehensive support at the user, data, and functionality levels

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