Software product development provided by experienced professionals tailored for your business needs

You’ll enjoy working with top-tier tech consultants, product designers, frontend/backend developers, cloud architects, and DevOps specialists, all boasting extensive experience supported by nine years of industry-leading practices


Comprehensive software solutions for all your development requirements

Whether you require innovative mobile applications, robust web solutions, scalable SaaS products, visually appealing presentation websites, seamless integrations through APIs, or efficient back office tools, our team’s expertise ensures a tailored approach to address your unique requirements

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Garrett Motion launches innovative online marketplace

Transforming complex technology into a marketable SaaS Product


We excel in elevating user experiences with our expert UX/UI design services

User-centric designs for mobile apps, responsive web interfaces, and comprehensive design systems to ensure consistency and efficiency across digital platforms? With our services, your digital presence will embody the latest design trends and adhere to industry standards.

Crafting and deploying a gift-giving MVP mobile app in under a month

Redesigning the Football Coin mobile app with a new front-end


Known for reliable support and maintenance for your digital presence

Website and framework maintenance, 3rd party library updates, and proactive security measures ensure your digital assets remain current, secure, and resilient. Our end-to-end services guarantee seamless operations and resilience against potential risks.

Clients recommend us for reliability and faster, accurate tech solutions for their specific business needs.

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Software consulting for invaluable insights and solutions to propel your business forward

Empower your tech company with our expert tech consulting services. Whether you’re seeking strategic guidance or hands-on expertise, our team is dedicated to enhancing your technological capabilities and driving your success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Vlad Romaniuc
Senior Web Developer at Garrett Advancing Motion

“The coding, testing and responsiveness were really great, in accordance to our expectation and business requirements. Keep up the good work, I have been pleased so far!”

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Our proficiency in Business Process Automation, streamlined business workflows for you

We specialize in mapping out business processes and implementing Automation through Processio, Appian, and API integrations. Our custom software development for Automation ensures tailored solutions, precisely meeting your unique requirements and enhancing operational efficiency.

White-label development mobile app for a leading mobile tech company

Improving MiShop.local moile app with strategic tech solutions and reduced costs

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Apostolos Dimopoulos

Apostolos Dimopoulos

Chief Technology Officer at Dialectica

"I have been working with BEE CODED for the past 8 years. Reliable, fast and super responsive. Highly recommended!"
Antonis Papathanasopoulos

Antonis Papathanasopoulos

VP of Product & Growth at Pandas, GreenPanda

"Responsive and very agile support. We worked like one team"
Catalina Mergeani

Catalina Mergeani

Head of Marketing and Communications at Coface

"The experience of the projects developed with BEE CODED not only met our expectations, but also significantly raised the bar!"

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