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Company Prsnt
Industry Gifting

Delivering a fully functional gift-giving MVP application within a month before Christmas

Technical Solutions

Informed Digital Decisions

The mobile gifting niche is continuously expanding and the players are upgrading the online shopping experience to be even more convenient to help consumers to gift with less effort.
PRSNT, the UK-based startup, launched their gifting 2.0 services, which enables people to purchase gifts for anyone in their contact list.

PRSNT works by highlighting a list of curated gifts from both local and international retailers and brands. To begin, a user simply chooses someone from their contact list, then browses through the different categories to find an appropriate gift. Finally, all of his gifts are delivered instantly and arrive digitally wrapped for the receiver to scratch away and reveal what’s inside.
PRSNT key partners: Amazon, Asos, Deliveroo, Uber, Costa, Starbucks, M&S, Sports Direct, The Body Shop.

The Context
When the client contacted BEE CODED, they were operating with a 60% functional MVP, built without any documentation. The start was even more difficult because of the lack of a rock-solid roadmap and unclear requirements and outcomes. We were brought in after the other company could not align with the client’s expectations.

The Challenge & Key Requirements

Project management

Achieving the project success and with client expectations alignment considering the given context: a huge breach between the existing product and the anticipated outcome


Assist the launch of PRSNT by Christmas 2020


Reverse-engineering the existing code to understand the current state of the product and match it with client’s requirements


Develop a well-established set of specifications that allowed to deliver the MVP app within 1 month and on budget

Our Objectives

Ensure clear and transparent communication with stakeholders during the entire process

Build an action plan that is flexible enough to meet and overcome unexpected situations.

Provide excellent project management skills to meet the client’s final goal and BEE CODED team efficiency and proficiency.

Key points & operations:

Set up the priority flow: Security – Performance – Optimisation, turning this process into a scalable ecosystem on a modular codebase.

Implement the Cleaning, Refactoring, and Modularity process to achieve high-quality and clean code.

Ensure secure and highly adaptable to varying data loads servers to host the app.

Preserve PRSNT s custom creative design & vision within the final result.

Core Team

Project Manager

Creative Thinkers

Highly-Performing Developers

The Results

A fully functioning PRSNT app within the deadline and budget estimate.

Exceptional process flow to meet the client’s requirements and expectations.

Exceptional process flow to meet the client’s requirements and expectations.

Sustainable Results in Numbers:
New users within 3 months
DAU (daily active users)
in revenue from in-app sales
New features rolled out
Improved the insight into buyer personas and UI/UX demands
In financing from private investors
Total Effort:
Hours of development
8 Members
In the Core team
4 Months
Of software development and design
3 Objectives
Successfully achieved three main objectives for the client
90+ screens designed
Our internal outcomes:
Successful app development project within a tight deadline
Consistent and continuous proactive approach to the final result
Excellent project management within a robust ecosystem
Deliverables and technology stack
Delivering high proeficiency results required a high performing team and technology stack.
Technology stack (mobile & backend & backoffice) Development of the Prsnt mobile app has been done using react-native and the associated technology stack. Furthermore, our team used Swift and Java to further enhance the functionality of the mobile application by interacting with the native APIs. The back-office system, rest API, and data management layers have been built using the Laravel framework as well as Angular for the front end. Furthermore, our DevOps team introduced advanced security concepts and data encryption on the database and communication layers. Architecture planning & implementation The architects of our software team created an ecosystem that satisfies both needs. By utilizing cloud servers, scalability demands for both the application and database are met at any time. We consider proactive monitoring essential for the project’s success. Reductively, our well defined maintenance process and our established monitoring systems allowed us to be one step ahead and offer a seamless experience to the end customers.
Key Learnings
“Our well-structured and clear approach made the PRST project 100% successful for both the client and our internal team.”
A clean and high-quality code-base is one of the keys to successful tech businesses. Clear and informed technical decisions along with great planning and documentation is crucial. Core team must proactively engage and work with stakeholders to provide optimal solutions and ensure requirements are fully achieved in the final result.

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