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Company Promo SAGA
Industry Gaming

A successful white-labeling development story.

Technical Solutions

Informed Digital Decisions

Mobile Technology

Loyalty program platforms have had huge growth with the new technologies arising. Customer-centric is the approach when it comes to building trustful connections between business and customers. Technology enhances the ecosystem by creating new pathways to develop powerful tools that help the companies and the customers develop a win-win relationship.

The Context
Upstream System is a leading mobile technology company that is pioneering digital acquisitions and sales across every mobile channel available to increase loyalty and engagement, bringing more customers and increasing their interactions. Promo SAGA is a web-based app that uses gamification and loyalty strategies to engage users. Based on storytelling, the users are going to experience different challenges and win the game according to a reward system. The users are going to register themselves and pay a subscription fee.

The Challenge & Key Requirements

Project management

Develop a white-label app that is going to be customized by any mobile network operator (MNO)


The white labeling concept allows MNO users to customize the app easily


Build a web-based app that uses gamification and loyalty strategies to engage users

Our Objectives

Create a foundational product that can be rebranded and customized that involves concept, storyline, and mechanism

Ensure clean and modern user interface with an emphasis on assuring the best user experience

Build an actionable roadmap within the 4 months deadline given

Core Team

Project Manager

Creative Thinkers

Highly-Performing Developers

QA Tester

The Results

Successful launching of Promo 3.0 whitelabeling web app
MVP Developement
Acknowledged MVP by launching the first version of a branded product of an MNO
Client implemented successful business strategy, launching branded apps with 4 different operators from 3 continents
Over 2M active users on all the apps launched
Key Learnings
“White-labelled development is like building a mouse trap from scratch. You have to work pretty hard to make the thing snap when it is supposed to snap.”
Even though white-labeling has its advantages and disadvantages, our team managed to properly communicate the pros and cons of our client’s decision. We considered all the criteria that needed to be balanced and helped our client to make a decision based on informed technological solutions and options. It is essential to choose the right development partner wisely as the quality of the code will depend on the reputation of that company. We committed to this partnership with a great sense of responsibility that turned into a prosperous collaboration and an exciting journey with our client.

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