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The mobile app from the Turbocharger Pioneers

Technical Solutions

Informed Digital Decisions


Nowadays, a vehicle is nothing more than a mobile computer on wheels. All systems are electronically controlled. In the past, you had to go to a workshop to read out error codes and diagnose the vehicle’s condition – today you download a corresponding app for your smartphone, buy an OBD adapter, and check for yourself. The Garrett Connect mobile app is a free tool that provides mechanics and automotive enthusiasts easy on-the-go access to Garrett tools, news, training, and events.
The app’s features allow mechanics and automotive enthusiasts to get certified through technical training, diagnose the turbocharger to uncover malfunctions and suggested actions, and scan a turbocharger to identify the correct replacement. Moreover, the app supports the users to get a quote, discover the nearest distributor and boost the vehicle’s performance using Boost Adviser calculations and recommendations.

The Context
We were brought in after the other company could not align with the client’s expectations.

The Challenge & Key Requirements

Project management

Develop a well-established set of specifications that allowed to deliver the MVP app within 2 months and on budget


Create a tailor-made security solution aligned to the project road-map


Reverse-engineering the existing code to understand the current state of the product and match it with client’s requirements


Assist the launch of the Garrett Connect app and ensure ongoing maintenance

Our Objectives

Ensure clear and transparent communication with stakeholders during the entire process

Build an action plan that is flexible enough to meet and overcome unexpected situations.

Provide excellent project management skills to meet the client’s final goal and CodeSilk team efficiency and proficiency.

Key points & operations:

Set up the priority flow: Security – Performance – Optimisation, turning this process into a scalable ecosystem on a modular codebase.

Implement the Cleaning, Refactoring, and Modularity process to achieve high-quality and clean code.

Implement Garrett’s custom creative design and vision aligned to the client’s requirements (product management department)

Ensure testing case and deployment to the client’s infrastructure

The App Map & Design Decisions
The design decisions were centered around seamless user experience, inclusion, and accessibility.
App Features:

Easy on-thego access to Garrett tools.
Resources and functionality purposedesigned to make life easier for busy mechanics.

Turbo Diagnostics.
Fault resolutions guide with diagnostic progress tracker, action points, and downloadable summary reports.

Turbo Catalog.
A fast search facility across more than 6.000 Garrett part Numbers.

Installer Connect e-learning.
Multi-level, interactive training modules for turbo technicians to boost knowledge, earn capability certificates.

Boost Advisor.
A fast search facility across more than 6.000 Garrett part Numbers.

Core Team

Project Manager

Creative Thinkers

Highly-Performing Developers

The Results
€65.000+ Savings
Due to optimal technologies recommended to developing a cross-platform app and avoiding development overhead
New users acquired in less than 3 months
Continuing Growth
Constant and continuous growth of the user base
User Friendly UI
Neat, clean, and easy to understand screens
Seamless Experience
A seamless and quick user experience & usability process
Solid roadmap
Ensured a rock solid road map of development, documentation, and testing plan
Our internal outcomes:
Successfully handling a project without any documentation.
Our internal procedural system allowed us to have a disjunctive approach for the phases within the project.
We ensured clean and neat communication with our client and, also with our internal team.
Proven success of our internal working methodology
We managed to take over a project without any specifications or documentation. Our proven process allowed us to uncover all unknowns of the project and elaborate a realistic development and delivery plan. We were able to establish a successful direction for the project and manage the client expectations in under one month. We implemented a long-term success strategy by applying our maintenance and quality assurance process which resulted in a stable growth of the application. The scope of work was successfully achieved by empowering the client to informed decisions within file-alt the Garrett Connect development project within the deadline & estimated budget.
Key Learnings
“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”
Application development is a multi-staged project. As we were working directly with a dedicated product development team, we needed to adjust and align our dynamic work process by ensuring excellent project management skills to accomplish: estimations & negotiations, team management, coordination of resources, communication & problem mitigation, quality assurance, and timely product delivery. This project was an intense practice for both the developers and the client’s team as we successfully managed teamwork.

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