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  • 26 Feb 2024
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Crafting and deploying in under a month




Crafting and deploying a gift-giving MVP app in under a month

Or how we boosted Christmas holidays with Prsnt through rigorous code cleaning, refactoring, and modularisation.

About the company + Industry | Country | Timeline + Key outcomes

Industry: E-commerce

Country: UK

Timeline: 1 month

Key outcomes

  • PRSNT app delivered with clean code, fully functional
  • Achieved exceptional process flow to meet and exceed client requirements in less than a month

About the company:  In the ever-expanding mobile gifting niche, players are continually enhancing the online shopping experience to offer greater convenience in gift-giving.

This case study delves into the success story of PRSNT, a UK-based startup, and their innovative Gifting 2.0 services, which have redefined the way consumers effortlessly choose and send gifts to their contact. 

The context & challenge

The project’s inception was characterised by hurdles – a partially functional MVP with minimal documentation, compounded by the absence of a clear roadmap and ambiguous requirements.

These challenges set the stage for our intervention to bring clarity and direction to the project.

Benefit after the challenge was solved – what was the outcome?

Key points & operations:

→ Establishing the priority sequence: Security, Performance, Optimization, transforming this process into a scalable ecosystem built on a modular codebase.

→ Execute the Cleaning, Refactoring, and Modularity procedures to attain code cleanliness and high quality.

→ Maintain the custom creative design and vision of PRSNT in the final outcome

→ Ensure servers are both secure and highly adaptable to accommodate varying data loads for hosting the application

Core Team


Project Manager


Creative Thinkers



Technology Stack

Achieving high proficiency results necessitated an exceptional team and cutting-edge technology stack

Technology Stack (Mobile, Backend, and Back Office):

The development of the Prsnt mobile app utilised the react-native framework along with its associated technology stack.

Additionally, our team employed Swift and Java to augment the mobile application’s functionality through interaction with native APIs.

For the back-office system, rest API, and data management layers, we leveraged the Laravel framework and Angular for the frontend. In addition, our DevOps team implemented advanced security concepts, incorporating data encryption in both the database and communication layer.

Architecture Planning & Implementation:

Our software team’s architects have devised an ecosystem adept at meeting diverse requirements.

Leveraging cloud servers ensures scalability for both the application and database, catering to demands at any given time.

Proactive monitoring is deemed crucial for project success. In essence, our precisely defined maintenance process, coupled with established monitoring systems, positions us one step ahead, delivering a seamless experience to end customers. 

Clients recommend us for reliability and faster, accurate tech solutions for their specific business needs.

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