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  • 19 Mar 2024


Boosting Operational Team Productivity by 120%



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Boosting Operational Team Productivity by 120% for MiShop: How we did it

A case study on improving efficiency within the internal team

About the company + Industry | Country | Timeline + Key outcomes

Industry: Local Search optimization services

Country: UK

Timeline: 2 months

Key outcomes

  • Increased productivity by 120% within the operational team by applying the 7 stages of software development life cycle.
  • Enhanced accuracy to minimize manual errors.
  • Achieved substantial cost savings and notable improvements in business metrics.
  • Improved employee satisfaction leading to enhanced metrics in terms of employee engagement.

About the company  

MiShop.local is the foremost search optimisation service provider in the UK, focusing on enhancing local business listings for various locations, brands, and agencies.

Their primary request was to introduce a technological solution for automating internal data entry processes. 

The context & challenge

  • Communication. Due to the continuous flow of updates and the management of extensive data, employees required an internal interface to automate the entire process effectively.
    The software life cycle phases have their role in the process. 
  • Engineering. Upon assessment, it was discovered that the team manually uploaded their clients’ data into Google My Business at scheduled dates and times. 
  • Project Management. A specific requirement of the company was to minimze repetitive and low-value tasks, such as manual data entry for their clients, by implementing automation. 

Benefit after the challenge was solved – what was the outcome?

Key points & operations

  • Efficient Assessment: Conducted a comprehensive assessment of the business and its operational context, facilitating swift progression to the next phase.
    Software development lifecycle model is a pro in the process. 
  • Optimal Technology Solution: Identified and implemented a bespoke technology solution to streamline information handling, reducing complexity and resource consumption.
  • Tailor-Made Automation: Developed a custom automated process, integrating a software-defined infrastructure and various Google My Business APIs with the client’s existing data management system.
  • Enhanced Data Handling: Enabled seamless reading, parsing, and translation of files into Google My Business data entries, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.
  • Quality Control Integration: Established a robust quality control system to uphold the highest standards for end customers, enhancing user experience and satisfaction.
  • Streamlined Data Import: Facilitated easy data importation within the platform, automating the process of publishing data on Google My Business.
  • Enhanced Client Connectivity: Empowered the company’s clients to engage with potential customers effectively through Google Post feature, enabling the creation and sharing of announcements, offers, and event details directly with their audience.

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