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  • 26 Mar 2024

Garrett Motion innovative online marketplace

A new digital platform simplifies purchasing for Garrett Performance Distributors, improving access to products and distributor management

Garrett Motion innovative online marketplace



Garrett Motion launches innovative online marketplace to boost sales and distributor efficiency

A new digital platform simplifies purchasing for Garrett Performance Distributors, improving access to products and distributor management

About the company + Industry | Country | Timeline + Key outcomes

Industry: Automotive

Country: US

Timeline: 6 months

Key outcomes

  • Create the first global marketplace for VTEX Europe
  • Create a custom front end
  • Create a custom checkout

About the company:  

Garrett Motion Inc., formerly Honeywell Transportation Systems, is an American company specializing in turbochargers and related systems for vehicles, from small cars to heavy-duty trucks and machinery.

They focus on turbo, electric, and hybrid technology to make vehicles safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly, leading the automotive technology sector.

Garret is defined by the automotive software development process

The Context & Challenge

Garrett Motion’s Marketplace initiative aims to modernize and simplify the sales process for both Garrett and its distributors in the competitive automotive industry.

The challenge is to bridge the gap between Garrett’s high-quality products and customers by improving distribution efficiency. Traditional sales methods may not meet the demand for convenience and accessibility, so Garrett Motion is developing an online marketplace, by the automotive software development process.

This platform enables direct sales from distributors to customers, improving access to Garrett products and streamlining order management. Garrett Motion aims to boost sales efficiency, customer satisfaction, and loyalty in the automotive market through this initiative.

Garrett Marketplace was one of BeeCoded first major projects as a VTEX Partner and this raised a few BIG challenges that helped the company grow:

First of all we lacked the know-how in terms of existing plug and play VTEX components. We ended up designing a UX that did not fit any plug and play components and required custom implementation and integration with VTEX. 

While the VTEX Support Team is very helpful and supportive, we had a very long list of questions and issues and no time to iterate with them through all of it.

We ended up looking under the hood and learning the hard way how everything works and how to integrate our custom flows.

On top of that Garrett Marketplace was a very complex project that required Global coverage with everything that comes with it: 

  • Very good user localisation and product filtering by available suppliers for the user location, while complying to Privacy Policy.
  • Price, taxes and shipping calculation depending on user and suppliers locations.
  • Payment methods available to all locations and payment splitting to multiple suppliers.
  • Handling orders with complementary products from multiple suppliers.
  • Linking the product catalog to Garrett Advance Motion presentational website where the users can find a more detailed and technical description of the product families.
  • Keeping the Marketplace UI Structure aligned with Garrett Advance Motion for a seamless UX without losing the best practices of an ecomm.

All of these challenges pushed us to discover all that VTEX has to offer and made us into a Strong VTEX Partner.

Benefit after the challenge was solved – what was the outcome?

Key points & operations:
  • Enhanced sales and revenue: the marketplace boosts sales for Garrett and its distributors by enabling direct online purchases of Garrett products
  • Streamlined purchasing process: the initiative simplifies buying by providing a platform for easy registration, browsing, ordering, and post-sale services
  • Efficient distributor management: now distributors can manage orders, stock, and customer interactions more efficiently through the online marketplace, enhancing sales and inventory tracking
  • Global accessibility: the marketplace is available globally, ensuring easy access to Garrett products for customers worldwide, expanding the company’s reach
  • Seamless user experience: integration with the Garrett corporate website offers users a unified online experience for finding and purchasing products effortlessly

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