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  • 5 Apr 2024

Laravel Software Development: Pros and Cons

At BEECODED, Laravel software isn't just a partner; it's the engine powering our speedy backend development.

Laravel Software Development: Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

In the fast-paced world of web development, picking a framework is like choosing a trusted partner. At BEECODED, Laravel software isn’t just a partner; it’s the engine powering our speedy backend development.

Join us on this personal exploration as we unravel the reasons why Laravel software has earned its spot as the preferred backend framework at BEECODED. From its comprehensive features to the vibrant community, monitoring tools, support for asynchronous jobs, and the lightning-fast Laravel Octane, there’s much to uncover.

But first, let’s discover some points about Laravel! 

People have asked why Laravel is so famous and powerful. Well, because it’s consistently updated and expanded to meet developers’ needs. It’s the go-to framework for PHP development, offering unmatched versatility and efficiency.

Which is better: Django or Laravel software

Comparing Laravel software development to Django is like comparing apples to oranges—they’re different languages! Your preference depends on your familiarity with Python or PHP.

Django, being a Python framework, offers robustness and scalability, while Laravel, a PHP framework, boasts simplicity and speed. If you’re more comfortable with Python, Django might be your pick. Conversely, if PHP is your forte, Laravel software development could be your go-to. It’s all about what suits your project best!

Laravel model: the downsides

While Laravel software excels for most projects, some find Symfony more suitable for exceptionally large ones. But hey, that’s like comparing Ferraris to Lamborghinis—both top-notch choices!

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/pros-cons-laravel-bsuperior-system-ltd-/ Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/pros-cons-laravel-bsuperior-system-ltd-/

Laravel Software’s comprehensive nature

At the heart of our admiration for the Laravel model is its all-inclusive nature. It’s not just a framework; it’s a toolbox packed with features straight out of the box. This means less time juggling third-party integrations and more time dedicated to innovation. 

Laravel’s starter packs cater to a spectrum of project requirements, offering solutions for both Monolith and API + SPA architectures, adapting effortlessly to our diverse development needs.

Robust community and Laravel team support

The Laravel model community isn’t just a network of developers; it’s a dynamic resource that fuels our growth at BEECODED. From seasoned experts to enthusiastic contributors, the support we receive in forums is priceless. 

The cherry on top is Laravel’s official support from the core team, ensuring timely updates and a stable website development framework. This dual support system minimises vulnerabilities and fortifies the reliability of our backend infrastructure.

Abundance of packages for varied features

Navigating the intricate web development framework landscape is simplified by Laravel’s treasure trove of packages. From authentication and authorization to caching and queuing, Laravel packages offer ready-made solutions for common functionalities. Let us highlight some of our favourites:

  • spatie/laravel-permissions: this package streamlines user permissions effortlessly, providing a robust and flexible system to manage access control in our applications.
  • spatie/laravel-data: simplifying data management with elegance, this package allows us to structure and manipulate data seamlessly, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in our projects.
  • spatie/laravel-medialibrary: a game-changer for handling media in our applications, this package provides a clean and powerful way to associate files with our Eloquent models, facilitating efficient media management.
  • spatie/laravel-prometheus: revolutionizing application monitoring with Prometheus integration, this package empowers us to collect and analyze metrics, enhancing our ability to monitor and optimize application performance.

Laravel software development – New features and packages

Laravel’s commitment to innovation resonates with us at BEECODED.

The framework’s constant evolution introduces new features and improvements, keeping us at the forefront of technological advancements. This dynamic environment perfectly aligns with our ethos of rapid development, empowering us to leverage the latest tools and maintain a competitive edge.

Asynchronous job support and monitoring tools

As we navigate the intricate web development landscape at BEECODED, Laravel’s support for asynchronous jobs and robust monitoring tools add an extra layer of efficiency.

The built-in queue system not only facilitates seamless execution of asynchronous tasks, boosting performance and responsiveness, but also allows us to manage queue workers effortlessly through Laravel Horizon. 

This dedicated dashboard enhances our ability to monitor and control queues effectively, providing our developers with real-time insights.

The benefit of utilizing Laravel Horizon becomes even more pronounced as it enables easy horizontal growth, allowing us to scale our application seamlessly. 

Our team appreciates the proactive troubleshooting and optimization made possible by these features, ensuring a smooth and scalable development experience.

Production monitoring capabilities

In the competitive world of web development, Laravel software development stands out with its powerful monitoring tools like Telescope and Pulse. During development, Telescope offers an intuitive interface to track application actions and queries, aiding in debugging and optimization. 

For production, Pulse provides real-time performance monitoring, helping us address issues promptly and maintain efficiency.

Additionally, we use the log-viewer package for seamless log navigation and analysis, ensuring robust management and security. Together, these tools empower us to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead in web development.

Blazing fast with Laravel Octane

Laravel Octane is our ace up the sleeve. Renowned for its speed and performance, it’s a game-changer for BEECODED. Whether it’s OpenSwoole, Roadrunner, or the soon-to-be-stable FrankenPHP, the response times for our API endpoints are halved or better, reaching values like a few milliseconds for simpler or cached endpoints. 

FrankenPHP, though in beta, promises double the performance of any other available engines when stable, making it a future game-changer.

In the industry of rapid development, the Laravel model emerges as the force that propels BEECODED forward. From its all-inclusive nature, community and Laravel team support, and wealth of packages to asynchronous job support, production monitoring capabilities, and the unmatched speed of Laravel Octane, the framework seamlessly aligns with our commitment to innovation and efficiency in web development. 

Join us on this journey of crafting high-performance applications and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of the Laravel model.